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The Greedy King and Queen

3rd and 4th Primary

Once upon a time there lived a greedy king and queen and a poor servant. The king counted his money, the queen ate bread and honey and the maid did all the work. Then the Sound Collector arrives! The king and queen want to be entertained but when they hear they have to pay to the Sound Collector, they send him away. Then things start to go wrong at the castle. 

The Sound Collector returns and tells the king and queen that they must change their ways if they wish to hear the real sounds of the castle again.

Students take part! Learn the songs in class and then sing along to the Song of Sixpence, and join in with The King’s Rock Song. Four students will get the opportunity to take part in The Sound Effects Game. 

The Student workbook includes worksheets on telling the time, colours and clothing, animals and their sounds, a map and directions, and rhyming words. There is a speaking exercise based on an extract from the maid’s diary.



Silvia Moreno


The song "Long Live the King" with its great lyrics and melody was perfect for their level.

Rachel Gerez


The actors are really expressive and the decorated backdrop is great! Thank you!

Joan Ramon Pla Novell


I look forward to watching next seasons shows next year. Good work!

Xavier Dominguez


The Question and Answer session with the actors at the end really motived my students.

Alba Kerber Tauler

Malgrat de Mar

The storyline and dialogues are really appropriate, they show us really good values and make students conscious. Wonderful story!

Francisca Cabello

Hospitalet de Llobregat

My students understood the story and the characters were wonderful. Thank you very much, we enjoyed it a lot!

Carmen Martinez


The actors are great. Children can understand lots of things thanks to them. Great job! You're great!! Thank you!!


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