Motivated students learn more.

Storytelling helps English language learners become more self-confident to express themselves spontaneously and creatively. It encourages active participation, increases verbal proficiency and promotes a positive attitude towards the language. LOOK AT our Story Time.


Why use a storyteller in the classroom?

Language learners need the opportunity to listen to authentic English. The excitement and drama which a storyteller brings holds student attention and the gestures, facial and body expressions add meaning and facilitate understanding: LOOK AT our Storyteller.


We know children love stories.

Stories create magic and develop imagination and the educational value of using stories and storytelling is undisputed through the world. They teach us about life, about ourselves and about others: LOOK AT our Stories.


Stories are fun and inspirational.

A story provides the starting point and rich context for developing a wide variety of language related and learning activities involving children personally, creatively and actively. LOOK AT our Workshops  and Library.



LOOK OUT! It’s story time in the classroom.

LOOK OUT! És l’hora del conte a la classe d’anglès!