Many of the selected stories in Story Time are folktales. These have been chosen because familiarity with the stories, clear storylines and repeating sequences offer an ideal environment to become familiar with the rhythm, sounds, structure and vocabulary of English.


The picture books used in Story Time also reflect the highest standard of children's literature as well as being stories which are well-loved by children round the world. These books have attractive and original illustrations.


Story Time tells stories children like and provide an appropriate and enjoyable experience of learning, reading and speaking English.  The ideas and linguistic levels of our selection of stories correspond with student’s age and development.  


3-5 year olds: Children at this age are quickly building their vocabulary. They enjoy stories with rhythm, rhyme and repeating sequences.  Examples:

· Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

· The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

· We Are Going on a Bear Hunt.


6-9 year olds: Children at this age are becoming independent readers. They like stories with imagination, mischief and magic and that have audience participation.  Examples:

· Shen and the Magic Paintbrush.

· The Little Old Woman Who Lived In a Vinegar Bottle.


10-12 year olds:  Children at this age are independent readers. They like stories that challenge them, adventure stories and mysteries; they like working things out. They have an affinity for characters, who have courage, wit, independence and are willing to explore unfamiliar territory.  Examples:

· Ali Barba and the forty thieves.

· Jack and the beanstalk.

LOOK OUT! It’s story time in the classroom.

LOOK OUT! És l’hora del conte a la classe d’anglès!